About us

Twelve Eggs is a small brazilian mobile development company founded in 2017.

With its headquarters located in the beautiful and flourishing city of Rio de Janeiro our company works with agile teams of talented programmers. At Twelve Eggs we do one thing and we do it well. Native mobile app development is an art and we dedicate ourselves to mastering it.

We specialize in gathering the skills to bring your project to the market, from start to finish. Because we value long-term partnerships we treat each of our customers' project as if it were ours. Our customers design their plans and we bring them to life with the greatest possible precision, always keeping in mind all possibilities for future development and the sustainability of the project in the coming years.

Let's make this clear: Twelve Eggs is not a cheap outsourcing company, so if this is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a partner to leverage technological excellence and aim to create the best products in the marketplace, then you might indeed have found the right place.

We believe fully native apps are key to a perfect end-user experience. They bring speed, reliability and elegance into the hands of your users. Whether you're targeting the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 8 we'll make native power shine on each platform, handling for you the complexities of fragmentation on all popular devices and continuous updates to both hardware and system software.

We're often collaborating with smallte.ch and exovoid.ch for cross-promotion, support and help with some projects.



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